In 5 days I will be travelling to my previous home: Alabama, to celebrate the birthday of my grandma who is turning 80 on the fourth of July. The last time I was in that “home of dixie” state was for my brother’s graduation May the 19th at Lincoln High School. I stayed with my cousin, Quita in Gadsden. She lives in the downtown part of the city that looks very retro and country. Next to an antique-type theater was this beautiful mural painting shown in the picture attached, that I just had to take a shot of. Besides the nice, homey scenery, I was appealed more by the wonderful people I had left there months prior. Although I didn’t get to reconnect with all my friends and family in the visit, I was overwhelmed with joy at seeing the faces of those present at the graduation ceremony and my brother’s party afterward. As the introvert that I am, I sat back in my grandma’s crowded house and took in all the exchanged smiles, conversations, laughs, hugs – and partook in some myself, feeling entirely too blessed to have these people in my life. I even approached my old teachers and greeted them with open arms because of my nostalgic memory of them and their class.  My aunt, after our return back to Texas, was the first to bring my attention to the fact that none of our family took any pictures at the party or gathered for group portraits on the football field, and though that did upset me (directed towards myself since I had a camera but didn’t think to at the time) I understand we were preoccupied with the events at present and basking in our presence with each other to do so.


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